Since the Grand Old Man of San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Don Andres Soriano first laid down the corporate philosophy“to profit with honor”in the 1930s, the company hasconstantly integrated itin in the way it works, carrying onfrom generation to generation. Today,thousands of employees live up to the ideal of doing business honorably. Mix this with the open secret of its staying power-, keeping drinkers satisfied of course-, you can definitely get something translatable to national and international merits.



Throughout the century and a quarter of the brand’s history, San Miguel has gained a large number of awards on the international front:

• 1952 – First prize in the Empire and Commonwealth Bottled Competitions held in London, England
• 1964 – Gold medal in Monde Selection
• 1966 – Gold medal in Monde Selection, Gold medal at the Investigation Center and Sales Promotion in Belgium, Gold medal at the Corp d’Ordu Gout Francaise held in Spain
• 1981 – Gold medal in Brussels Monde Selection
• 1982 – Gold medal in the CalidadInternacional de BebidasAlcoholicas, Five-star rating in the US Wine and Spirits Buying Guide
• 2004 – Grand Gold Quality Award in Monde Selection
• 2009 – Gold Quality Award in Monde Selection
• 2014 – Gold medal in Monde Selection

San Miguel Pale Pilsen’s historic aura and ancestral affinity clearly continues to thrive in today’s generational Renaissance bred with educated taste. In the years to come, even more than the badges of honor vying for space on its already-crowded shoulder, San Miguel Pale Pilsen will continue to represent and carry on its legacy in the democratic and adventurous Filipino’s taste buds.
“Dahil iba ang may pinagsamahan. Iba na ang institusyon.”