The Dawn Opens their 30th Year with a Bang!

New EP “Simulan Na Natin” to Celebrate

A brand-new EP, a slew of all-new songs, plus a re-make of a beloved classic, this is what The Dawn’s fans are set to enjoy on the band’s 30th year, this 2016.
The Dawn is one of the longest-running rock acts in the country today and their mammoth hits “Salamat”, “Iisang Bangka”, “Enveloped Ideas”, “Tulad ng Dati” (to name a few) have defined an era — as well as several generations’ favourite drinking songs and party anthems.

The band was founded in 1986 — and it was no coincidence that it rose from the ashes of Martial Law and on the wings of the EDSA Revolution, as a freer, more energetic music scene blossomed.
But even its members were surprised at the speed and height of its success : The Dawn was soon filling huge arenas and playing nationwide to enormous crowds (including the San Miguel Beer UltraStorm series); its record of simultaneously filling the Folk Arts Theater, The Ultra Stadium, and Araneta Coliseum, still unsurpassed to this day. They were the first Filipino band to attract serious corporate support, particularly from the equally beloved San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer — like The Dawn, a synonym for the best and the brightest in the Philippines — paving the way for the company’s historic support for Filipino music.

This December 2015, this iconic band releases a much-awaited collection of six songs, entitled “Simulan Na Natin”, no doubt a nod to equally exciting new years ahead.
The Dawn is composed of Jett Pangan on vocals, Sancho on guitars, Buddy Zabala on bass, and JB Leonor on drums.